The Los Feliz
Murder Mansion

Episode 6: Fangirls

Truth is Stranger Than
Reality Television

Getting Inside The Murder House

Reality star, Stassi Schroeder, and her friend, Jennifer Hoffner, told a little white lie to a real estate agent to get a personal tour in the house.

When they finally got in, they got the experience that so many had always wanted. Was there blood spatter on the peacock wallpaper? And on the Judy light switch plate? They weren’t afraid being inside that house, but there were definitely moments of eeriness.

What Happened to the Lightswitch?

After the reality star toured the house, several weeks later, we were inside doing our shoot. The Perelson children all had their own custom made light switch plates, two of which you can see above. But somehow the one that belonged to Judy had been replaced with something newer looking. Had Stassi Schroeder stolen it? No. The answer would be found buried in thousands of Instagram comments, and we were going to get to the bottom of it.

To Catch A Thief

After poring through Instagram comments on the photo that Stassi had posted of the Judy light switch plate, we finally found the person who we though may have taken it. She mentioned that she would be inside the house, her husband being the realtor to the buyers, and that she would take it for the reality star. Turns out that is exactly what happened, and when Melissa Pinkerton came to her interview with us, she brought that light switch plate and told us the entire story. It was unbelievable. Watch for yourself.