The Los Feliz
Murder Mansion

Episode 5: The New Owners

How to Buy a Haunted House

Six Decades of Vacancy

The case for this house being cursed is strong, so who would possibly buy it?

After not having been on the market since 1960, the Los Feliz Murder Mansion finally got new owners. Lisa Bloom and Braden Pollock were the “lucky” highest bidders in court in 2015, and the story of their frustrating efforts to renovate the property, considering the storied past of this “cursed” property, is almost unbelievable.

The Blueprint for a Brighter Future

Lisa and Braden had high hopes for the renovation of their 5,050 sq. ft. property, you can see their original building plans below. They wanted to keep the original footprint of the home, but add square footage in the basement and up in the third floor ballroom. Keeping with the tradition of the Stauffers back in the 30’s and 40’s, this home was going to be designed to entertain. Though as we know, the renovations were halted, and their plans not seen to completion.

Our First Peek Inside the Los Feliz Murder Mansion

After years of working on our documentary, we finally gained access inside the murder house to film the footage we had dreamed of getting.

The house was both eerie and impressive, and definitely met all of our expectations. Click through each photo to read more.

Our director of photography for the day was Alex Falk, with Cristy Arboleda as camera assistant, and Mike Snowden taking care of all of our production needs for the day. Take a look at our amazing footage below.

Our Shoot In the House