The Los Feliz
Murder Mansion

Episode 3: The Perelsons

A Family Tragedy that Made Headlines

A Family Tragedy Became National News

On December 6th, 1959, Harold Perelson bludgeoned his wife, Lillian, to death with a hammer, attacked his daughter, then took a fatal dose of pills.
The story was printed nationwide in over a hundred different newspapers. The tragedy of a wealthy doctor living in a mansion in the Hollywood Hills going crazy and committing such a crime, was too interesting for the papers not to print.

But Who Were the Perelsons, Really?

Harold Perelson, the child of immigrants, wanted the American Dream, and at any cost.
Court documents show that when the Perelsons purchased their dream mansion on Glendower place in 1956, it wasn’t exactly an expense they could afford. Harold was consumed with debt, a fact that was not immediately apparent from his lavish lifestyle. From the brand new car he bought his daughter, Judy, to the medical practice he had opened that was not turning a profit, Harold was way in over his head.

A Story About Mental Health

Court documents also show that Harold had been admitted to Temple Hospital for a brief psychiatric stint.

Not much is known about his stay there, but the use of the drug Thorazine indicated on his bill, points to obvious mental health problems.

The 1950’s was not a decade known for stellar mental health care, and sadly, had Harold been given the treatment he needed, tragedy might have been averted.

The Coroner's Report

Harold took an overdose of Nembutal, a drug commonly prescribed for sleep disorders at the time, and the same drug that killed Marilyn Monroe.

Lillian suffered a horribly violent death, receiving several hits to the head, ultimately dying by choking on her own blood.

The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office is situated near historic Lincoln Heights. Built in 1878, it was originally Los Angeles General Hospital, as evidenced by the antique tiling on the entry steps.

A Crime Scene Sold

Sold in 1960 to Julian and Emilia Enriquez, court records indicate that the furniture and personal belongings of the Perelsons were included in the price. The documents were amazing evidence to find, proving that this little urban legend may in fact have more to it than anyone had realized.

What Was Left Behind

Items of the Perelsons that were discovered by urban explorers, now had legal corroboration that they were deliberately left behind.


To the right Stacy scans every frame of Dr. Perelson’s 1948 medical film.


If it’s true that the Enriquez’s bought the house with all of its belongings inside, why did they allow them to sit there for decades? Why wouldn’t you remove these things?