The Los Feliz
Murder Mansion

Episode 1: The Murder House

"There’s a House in Los Feliz Where This Murder Suicide Happened in the 1950s."

We're Stacy, Chloe, and Wes

We started this project over 7 years ago as a documentary, and the adventures we’ve been on could fill a book.
Together we got the idea to make a documentary about the Los Feliz Murder mansion in about 2014. But as we were steeped in that process, we eventually realized that the tale of what we went through investigating this thing over the past 7 years was enough to develop into an entire podcast series!

Uncovering the Truth

How to Make a Documentary

Our research and filmmaking took us to so many places, led us to so many interesting people, and the backstory of this murder house was just the tip of the iceberg. So the idea to pivot to a podcast was born. And that’s the beauty of this thing. We will be taking you on an insane journey as I narrate this story, and you’ll hear the audio from the interviews of all the key players that we shot.