The Los Feliz
Murder Mansion

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In December of 1959, a mansion in the Hollywood Hills became the scene of a tragic murder-suicide.

And it sat vacant ever since.

A Crime Scene, Abandoned for 60 Years in the Hollywood Hills

A Family Tragedy

What drove a successful doctor to murder his wife, attack his daughter, and then kill himself in 1959?

A classically American family, living in an affluent neighborhood was suddenly shattered in the early hours of a December day in 1959. More than 60 years later, some answers have finally emerged.

A Six Decade Mystery

Who was the family that bought the notorious Murder Mansion? Why did they simply lock the door and walk away from it?

For more than half a century, the house has sat abandoned. Through the windows, visitors could see everything as it was left from the doctor’s family. But who owned it? Why did they abandon it?